Get involved today in community and contribute back ideas, solutions, projects and become part of the already extensive RIFIDI® Platform global user base. Go to RIFIDI® on Sourceforge to learn more about the RIFIDI® Platform or sign up to learn more about becoming a Transcends partner here.


  • New revenue streams for all – Using the open source licensing model (GPLv2) this enables one to build solutions, training and support models on top of the RIFIDI® Platform. With GPLV2 Transcends is able to offer commercial license agreements.
  • Focus on your core competency – Allow the Community to develop the infrastructure and building blocks for developing integrated RFID/Sensor based solutions and you focus on solving existing business problems and new business models.
  • High ROI – Since we our open source the code can be seen by all and quality is easily evaluated plus the software is of no cost (no licensing) until the solution has proven to provide business value.
  • Community focus – Leverage the ever growing RIFIDI® community 7+ years in the making and over 65.000 downloads globally.
  • Out of the box support for many of your popular RFID hardware devices and sensors.
  • The platform is completely open source which allows the community and yourself to contribute ideas, comments, solutions and code.
  • Build RFID/Sensor based business events using a opens source based language (CEP/ESP engine Esper is a trademark of EsperTech Inc) and not be tied to having to learn a proprietary language.
  • Our open and published senor API enables others from the community as well as sensor vendors to contribute back adapters/drivers for support to more RFID/sensor devices as they come to the market.
  • The founders of Transcends come from extensive middleware backgrounds so leverage a combined 30+ years of experiences in developing production ready applications.
  • Build your own business solution, appliance and industry specific sensor device solutions on the RIFIDI® platform.
  • RIFIDI® is developed on a very lightweight principles (OSGI) which enables one to develop solutions on devices with a small footprint meant to be running on the edge in your facility, store front, hospital, in the field etc., and not just in the central server room/back office.
  • Filter out RFID/Sensor traffic on the edge preventing unnecessary data traffic to have to come across your network and pay attention to those interesting business events.
  • Bridge the RFID world with the evolving and already in place sensor world to orchestrate new business events.
  • Our event language processes RFID/Sensor events in memory which allows information to be processed real time as well as long running time based processes.
  • We have a community and 4 year plus reputation so contribute back and post your solution to be accessible by the growing RFID market place.
  • We have out of the box support for publishing your RFID/Sensor events through various poular protocols such as web services, JMS, files system, TCP/IP and various databases plus a Communication API to support any proprietary or emerging standards.
  • We support standards both in technology, the methodology in place to build applications using Agile and in the RFID industry with ALE and LLRP.
  • We have over 18+ years combined experience in the RFID industry.
  • We have been part of contributing to RFID standards such as LLRP and certifications.

Get involved today in community and contribute back ideas, solutions, projects and become part of the already extensive RIFIDI® Platform global user base.